Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my dream... my life :)

hoho.. my flow everyday almost the same.. go to skool.. tgk tv..tgk blog org lain ;p hrmm xdek anjakan paradigma tul ;p

i alwiz wanted a life i dreamt of... being surrounded by friendly

flowers and the feeling of nature~ peaceness~~hijau2an~~ while me

having a cup of tea wit my hepi family (^^)

haihhh~~~ such a great life huh ;) rase cam nak duk cameron highland laaa bole x ;p pastuh kadang2 g travel sampai lengkap satu globe bumi teww... wah wah wahhh ~(^,^)~

but yea... i'm hepi wit my life now... nothing less i guess..

It's not exactly where I want my life to be..yet..but there is time to get where i want my life to be right (InsyaAllah)..

cume beselaaa kuat berangan kann bese laaa tuuu :) bile kite berangan tuh yg kite rase kite kurang seswatu :) tp xpe.. me still can handle it :D me truly can diffrentiate between dream and dream ;p hehehe xlah, between dreams and reality! :D

so yessss.. i'm truly hepii.. i'm hepiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii \(^o^)/ my life \(^o^)/

here i am...

dis is my skool i go everyday.. hukhuk
path to heaven... ;p

my research place haihhh ~('-')~

view from my desk...

my teman "makan" hikhikhik
okielaaaa ngantukkk daaahh.. tataaaa (^^,)/

Saturday, February 23, 2008

smile :)

hai welcome to my garden..
garden means my colorful journey of life.. hikhik
n i am very hepi to be a flower in my garden (^_^)

do enjoy ur moment here in my secret garden ;)

dari meje pengarang.. hee